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Conatural Natural Lip Scrub

In my last post, I mentioned that I was also using and testing out another Conatural product – the reason I waited for approximately 2 weeks before revealing what this product was and how I felt about it because I wanted to be sure that the product turned out to be as good as I initially thought it was. After over 2 weeks of using it, let me tell you one thing: the Conatural Natural Lip Scrub has me sold!

Pricing and Availability

You can order the product online directly from the Conatural website by clicking here for Rs. 475. I purchased mine on a whim from Al-Fatah, Defence, where it retails for Rs. 515.

How to Use It

The packaging of the product states how it is to be used: Apply a coat to lips and lightly scrub in soft, circular motions, then rinse off with water or wipe off with a damp cloth.

Product Details

This lip scrub contains, among other ingredients, sugar, vanilla essential oil and almond essential oil. Any lip scrub with slightly milled sugar granules is great for exfoliating the lips and getting rid of any dry skin, which makes the surface of the lips considerably more even and smoother. The essential oils work together to keep the hydrated. I also love the packaging of the product – it comes in a small, handy jar, which is super easy to carry with you in your bag and can also be reused once you’re done with the lip scrub!

Personal Review

I’m absolutely in love – my lips feel soooo much smoother and supple. I’ve also noticed that they’ve started looking pinker than before, which is great. Furthermore, right after using it, I also think that it makes my lip look naturally plump, pouty and a little fuller.

With my recent two Conatural hits, I’m actually quite tempted to try out more products from their range too, such as the Conatural Argan Oil and the Conatural Better Than Ubtan Face and Body Scrub. If you’ve tried them out, let me know whether they worked for you or not! Got any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

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