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Morphe 35 W Palette

Hellooooo everyone!

It is with great pride and tears of joy and happiness and ecstasy that I announce to the world today that I finally have a brilliant new addition to my makeup stash – a Morphe palette!!! That’s right! And that’s also why I’m here to do a quick review of the palette.

I have the Morphe 35 Colour Warm Palette, which is absolutely gorgeoussssss (!!!). I don’t have words to tell you how awesome it is. I’m scared I will fall short of words if I attempt to tell you about this beauty. I won’t be able to do justice to its beauty at all. So please just see for yourself here.

Morphe 35 W Palette

Pricing and Availability

I got mine off a Facebook page called Zensky for Rs. 3700. However, it’s actually only for $19.99, so it’s better if you get someone to bring it for you/order it online, since you’re going to get it for even less. If you are stuck in Pakistan like me and have no other choice, check out the post I did on the best makeup stores in Lahore, and one or two of the online stores are bound to have the Morphe palettes at a given time.

How to Use It + Product Details

The colours in this palette are absolutely gorgeous (I am sorry for overusing this expression). As the name of the palette tells you, all the colours in this palette are warm, so they look great on people with yellow undertones. Actually, who are we kidding here? They look great on everyone!

All the shades are creamy and blendable. There’s a great selection of dark colours, like the stunning, shimmery black you saw in the bottom row and the equally interesting brown/purple shade right next to it. There are lots of warm neutrals – pink, purple, orange, brown. What this means is that you can actually use this palette to create any kind of look, whether you are looking for a warm smoky eyed look or a simple day look.

The top row of the palette also features both matte and shimmery nude shades – I personally liked using the matte shades (top left hand corner) on top of my eye primer to set it and the shimmery ones on my inner corners and brow bone.

My personal favourites are the brown/purple shade (3rd from the right in the bottom row) and the gold shade in the lower left hand corner.

Personal Review

This is the perfect eye shadow palette for someone who doesn’t want to hoard too much makeup and is looking for one go-to palette that can be used for any type of look. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the palette that I’m going to be keeping with me when I’m travelling and can’t take too many products with me.

Here’s why I love them:

  • Love the texture – super creamy and soft. I actually expected them to be a little powdery like the e.l.f eye shadows I tried because of the low price tag, but was highly surprised with their quality (pleasantly, of course).
  • Super easy to work with because they are so blendable.
  • Great colour selection – there’s not a single colour that I haven’t used! I love them all and I think they work so well against brown/Indian skintones.
  • SO affordable – you’re getting each shade for less than $1 and, given all that I’ve said up, what more could you really ask for?! Excellent bang for buck.

If you’ve saved up to treat yourself or want to give a makeup lover the perfect (affordable) present, THIS IS IT!


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